About eSebaBD.com

eSebaBD.com is mainly a service oriented e-directory site in Bangladesh. This project is a brainstorm thinking of an IT Professional of the country. By understanding the people’s necessity of emergency service information in our country’s context started this venture on December, 2016.

At present, time is so precious thing in our everyday life. People are very busy in their socio-economic environment. To get any particular information you have to go to the different books, websites and newspapers. So we have concentrated and tried to bring all types of proper and valid service oriented information under an umbrella through eSebaBD.com in order to save people’s time, labor and money. You can easily find various kinds of service related information in eSebaBD.com without any cost. Gradually we’ll include every types of information in this website which people always find in emergency.

Now a day’s we can’t imagine anything without internet. Approximately 88% people of total population use mobile phones in Bangladesh and almost every mobile has Internet connection. So our aim and mission is to make service oriented realistic information available to the people through eSebaBD.com by using internet technology. At first we’ll provide mainly Dhaka based information then step by step we’ll cover throughout the Country.